Manufacturing Unit

Our solutions for Manufacturing Units add up innovation and automation to provide round- the-clock management of the entire unit, thus minimizing human reliance.

CCTV It helps you keep your eyes throughout the building and maintain vigil, all from the comfort of a central control room. Our solution also detects object removal, fence crossing, etc. by instantly raising an alarm in case of any mishap.
Public Address System Public address System ensures that voice messages are received clearly with high speech intelligibility in case of an emergency. It can also be used for delivering high quality background music in the listening area for everyday usage.
Fire Alarm System A wide range of Detectors from multi criteria detectors for minimizing false alarm to detectors for different environment and aesthetic settings.
Digital Signage Digital signage shows customized informative messages/videos and can be used to schedule content and can be easily managed centrally from a single location.
Access Control and Attendance Access Control system manages access through biometric or proximity card to different areas of the unit, employee attendance and shift management, payroll and canteen management. It also can be used to control entry into the parking lots using long range readers.