Our Solutions provide an automated surveillance and security solutions for seamless, modernized day ­to ­day operations of a Hotel.

CCTV It helps you keep your eyes throughout the building and maintain vigil, all from the comfort of a central control room.
Public Address System It ensures that voice messages are received clearly with high speech intelligibility in case of an emergency. It can also be used for delivering high quality background music in the listening area for everyday usage.
Digital Signage Communicate with your customers through displays. From advertisements to menu listings, our digital signage solutions can provide it all. Monetize your investment by displaying eye-catching advertisements which are sure to make an impression.
Sound System High quality audio speakers, carefully arranged and chosen to deliver crisp, warm and even sound.
Video Wall The ultimate digital canvas, providing amazing image quality, vibrant, true-to-life colors for all type of content.
Fire Alarm System A wide range of Detectors from multi criteria detectors for minimizing false alarm to detectors for different environment and aesthetic settings.
Interactive Bar Interactive Bar transforms a regular bar into an interactive platform to enable restaurant and bar patrons to network and engage in collaborative activities and create a great ambient experience