Hospital and Healthcare

Our solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare create a seamless, user-friendly and completely secure environment for life-saving applications.

CCTV We help you Keep eyes throughout the building and maintain vigil all from the comfort of a central control room.
Public Address System It ensures voice messages are received clearly, with high speech intelligibility in case of an emergency. And can also be used for delivering high quality background music in the listening area for everyday usage.
Fire Alarm System A wide range of Detectors - from multi criteria detectors for minimizing false alarm to detectors for different environment and aesthetic settings.
Digital Signage and QMS Queue management system automates and streamlines the proceedings in the waiting area ensuring convenience of the patients and the hospital staff. Its integration with Digital Signage provides informative messages and videos for the waiting patients/patrons.
Access Control and Attendance Integrated solution for managing access, employee attendance and shift management, payroll and canteen management all through biometrics or simple proximity card.
Video Switcher Present instantly at full resolution, wired or wireless, with cutting-edge switching & scaling technology.
Visualizer Everything looks good on the bigger screen. With the visualizer, documents and reports can be displayed on the screen to be read by a larger audience.
LED Display High Definition LED displays and projectors for less squinting and more clarity.
Telemedicine Our unique solutions can connect remote health care workers with specialized doctors in hospitals. Also, the vitals of the patients can be remotely monitored which helps doctors to make that split second decision when it's needed the most.