Our Classroom Solutions act as assistants to teachers, ensuring that their maximum focus is on student interaction.

Interactive Projectors Projectors that make any computer input a touchscreen so that the teacher can directly draw over presentation and images, annotate and save it to distribute among the students later.
Video Collaboration Remote teaching enables the best of teachers to connect with the students, irrespective of geographical boundaries.
Wireless Collaboration Our Collaborative Classroom lets the students collaborate easily and efficiently in small groups with any laptop, tablet or smartphone and a common display and share files, send screen captures, annotate and illustrate with a whiteboard, and more.
Room Automation Using an iOS or an Android tablet, teachers can easily control displays and other room elements such as media sources, volume, lights, HVAC, and more. They can also control who presents on the main display.
Sound Reinforcement Wide variety of ceiling, on-wall and in-wall speakers to keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear and reliable audio.
Visualizer Everything looks good on the bigger screen. With the visualizer, documents and reports can be displayed on the screen to be read by a larger audience.