Our boardroom solution with an innovative design brings a high-end meeting experience for the modern corporates.

Discussion System Excellent speech intelligibility for all the discussions taking place in the room. A flexible solution that makes it easy to conduct meetings without an operator.
Video Collaboration / Conferencing High definition video conferencing integrated with the discussion system so that a single audio solution is used for both local meetings and video conferencing.
Room Automation Control for all the appliances in a room, such as lights, shades, screens, sound, HVAC and other AV system centralized in an iOS or an Android tablet.
Meeting Room Scheduling Cloud—based room scheduling, room scheduling and meeting management platform. The user—friendly touch device application that significantly improves utilization of meeting spaces and their effective management.
Wireless Collaboration Conduct Wireless presentations from any device, team-edit documents in real-time, switch the main display into a whiteboard, and more.
Display High Definition LED displays and projectors for less squinting and more clarity.
Sound Reinforcement Wide variety of ceiling, on-wall and in-wall speakers to keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear and reliable audio.
Video Switching and Scaling Present instantly at full resolution, wired or wireless, with cutting-edge switching & scaling technology.
Table Bus Table mounted, connection bus for instant connection to room's presentation system.